Terms of use

  1. The first 3 ads are free.
  2. Registering as an E-store or workshop for official business owners only.
  3. Special needs ads are free.
  4. Picture size must be reduced when uploading an ad.
  5. Registration is required for all users and not required for browsing the website.
  6. Business owners, Stores and car workshops can subscribe, use and benefit from all the website features for SR 400/year or 1% from the sale price (its your option).
  7. The website fee for posting  special needs ads is free .
  8. The website fee for selling a car, a crashed car or motorcycle is 1% from the total value of the car or Motorcycle.
  9. Spgulf.com is not responsible for any money transaction between the seller and the buyer and it is the responsibility of the buyer to verify authenticity of the seller credentials.
  10. All users must use this website for its intended use only which is marketing, selling and buying cars, spare parts and used vehicles and communicating with spare parts stores, workshops and vehicle owners.
  11. Using this website to sell or buy prohibited items is considered a criminal act and doing so will hold the person responsible for such behavior.
  12. All users must comply with the rules and regulations of the country where the transaction took place.
  13. All information entered by users must be true and up to date.
  14. All users must ask and reply for information politely and respect all other users.
  15. Any user who violate moral, ethical or country rules will be held responsible and may be terminated from the website.
  16. To add a picture your picture must be 5 MP.
  17. Payment method and commission transfer details are in the Blog page.